BTM 2011-2012 Calendar

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Here is a look back at last season’s calendar with links to the meeting wrap-ups and related photos. Check out the current BTM calendar to learn more about most recent and upcoming meetings.


13  –  Special Open Night – Read the Meeting Wrap-up
Learn more about us! Facebook event page

27  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-upSee Photos
Followed by Committee Meeting (Submit semi-annuals to HQ – final date)


11  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up
Topics and Humorous Speech Contest
Area Final of Topics and Humorous Speech Contest

25  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up
Area Governor Visit
Division A Final of Humorous Speech and Topics Contest


8  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up
District 71 Topics and Humorous Speech Contest

22  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up


13  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up


10  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up
Collection of annual subs

24  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up
Followed by Club Officer Training


14  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up

28  –  Club Meeting – Read the Meeting Wrap-up
Organise walking weekend for April

MARCH 2012

13  –  Club Meeting Read the Meeting Wrap-up

27  –  Club Meeting Read the Meeting Wrap-up
Speech and Evaluation Contest

APRIL 2012

10  –  Club Meeting (Poetry & Prose) – Area Governor Visit Read the Meeting Wrap-up

24  – Club Meeting
Semi-annuals to HQ
Walking weekend

MAY 2012

8  –  Club Meeting and AGM – Read the Meeting Wrap-up
New committee confirmed

22  –  Club Meeting
District 71 Speech and Evaluation Competition
Ensure all achievements are registered with HQ
Organise summer BBQ or such event
Hand over meeting to new committee – aims and targets for coming year
Club Officer list to HQ
Register DCP awards with HQ



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