Meeting Wrap-up – April 23, 2013

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We had a very enjoyable and poignant meeting last night attended by 28 members and guests, our largest meeting in a long time.

A minutes silence was observed for our esteemed colleague and friend Janet Thomas who passed away last week and it was generally agreed that the meeting would have met  with Janet’s approval.

The theme of the meeting was Blarney about Blarney and was run in support of the year of the Blarney Gathering. Sinead Huskisson presented a superb topics session with contributions from many in the audience.

Three fantastic speeches were presented from Victor Sullivan, Ted Mellamphy and Mike McGrath with Mikes speech, about the greatest liars in history, receiving the award for the best speech. Mikes speech was evaluated by Celine Hayes who was awarded the best evaluation.

Our next meeting is in 3 weeks time with the AGM being held on the same night, this will be the last meeting of the season.


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