International Contest Workshop With Freddie Daniells

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Blarney Toastmasters Freddie Daniells

International Speech Workshop

How to write a winning International Speech:

Duration 75 mins


Have you ever wondered what it would take to write a speech that is truly inspiring? Have you ever wondered whether you could write one yourself? And have you ever thought whether you could take that speech all the way to the finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking? Using speeches from past World Champions, today’s speaker is going to share his perspective on the key ingredients that will help you to write a compelling inspirational speech that you could use to enter the International Speech contest this coming Spring. Our speaker has attended 4 World Championships in person, was a judge in the 2013 finals and has attended many workshops by World Champions. He is also a professional speaking coach and 2012-13 District Governor for Great Britain and Ireland. Exceptional Evaluations: duration 2 ½ hours inclusive of 15 mins break.


Possibly the most important role within your Toastmasters meeting is the role of the evaluator. By encouraging and motivating the speaker you give them the tips they need to improve their speaking next time. However, it is also one of the most difficult roles to get right. Perhaps you find it difficult to identify the key issues you need to comment on? Perhaps you struggle to finish within time? Perhaps you find it difficult if the speaker is more advanced than you are? Perhaps you simply want to find that extra polish that will help you all the way to a District final? No matter your level, this workshop is for you.


On February 28th, Freddie Daniells will bring his highly interactive workshop, Exceptional Evaluations, to Blarney Toastmasters. This workshop has been well received by nearly 2000 Toastmasters across Great Britain, Ireland and Germany. This will be a unique opportunity to hear it at our club. Freddie will share his own experience starting out, and his journey of evaluations since. He will share the tips and secrets that he has learned first-hand from some of the best evaluators including past District Champions. Most importantly, he will share with you the process that he has learned to make sure that you will deliver the best evaluation every time. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to: 1. Pick the best content to include in your evaluations 2. Structure your evaluations more effectively 3. Make your points so that both the speaker and the audience get maximum benefit The workshop will take place at 3.45 pm at our home, Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel, Blarney Co Cork.


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